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Law students have created awareness and knowledge mobilization videos as part of the Visual Advocacy / Law and Film course at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa, Civil Law section.

An overview of student films produced in the context of the Visual Advocacy / Law and Filmmaking course

Students had to conduct at least one interview with a stakeholder from the legal community. They then had to implement the visual advocacy concepts and techniques studied in the course to produce a short awareness or knowledge mobilization video.

Student Visual Posts

Discover visual advocacy projects produced by law students.

06-05-23 | Diversity, Human Rights, Student Projects

Transgender Athletes in Sports: The Time for Change is Now!

Trans-participation in sports is a topic of reaction and debate in society. In the absence of a binding legislative framework, sports organizations set their own regulations on the participation of trans athletes in sporting competitions. There are a number of issues to consider, including the inclusion of trans athletes in sport and equity for high-level female athletes. Law students explored the gaps in current rules within Canadian sports federations.

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05-25-23 | Access to Justice, Family Law, Mediation, Student Projects

Family Mediation: In the Best Interests of the Child

Going to court in family matters is particularly difficult for all parties involved, especially for issues involving children such as custody, access or support. However, litigation is not the only option in a family dispute. Students in the faculty of law have been interested in family mediation as a way of resolving disputes that allows the parties in conflict to find a solution on their own instead of leaving it in the hands of a court, all in the best interests of the child.

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05-16-23 | Access to Justice, Legal Studies, Student Projects

Accessibility to justice: Education to Understand our Rights

Information plays an essential role in access to justice. However, the educational system in Quebec places little emphasis on teaching legal concepts in schools. This has negative consequences, as many individuals find themselves facing problems of access to justice and overcrowded courts without the basic legal knowledge necessary to assert their rights.

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05-11-23 | Constitutional Law, Health Law, Student Projects

Abortion – An access undermined by federalism

Since the reversal of the case Roe v. Wade, abortion rights have become an even more pressing issue in today’s society. In Canada, access to abortion is unequal across the country. Why is this? Does the federal government have a role to play in ensuring fair and equitable access to this health service across the country? Law students have sought to understand the legal issues that may affect access to abortion and the real barriers faced by Canadian women.

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07-07-22 | Student Projects

The presence and realities of women in the legal profession

Women are entering the legal profession in increasing numbers, but what about their place in it? Three students explore the changing role of women and the barriers that remain in the legal profession.

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06-30-22 | Access to Justice, Student Projects

What is the Centre de justice de proximité de l’Outaouais?

Although few people realize it, Quebec citizens have access to certain legal services free of charge. Students met with professionals from the CJPO to get an overview of the services available to Outaouais residents.

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06-16-22 | Student Projects

The Mike Ward case: The conflict between freedom of expression and the right to dignity

Students from the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law explore the clash between freedom of expression and the right to dignity in the context of the high-profile Ward v. Quebec decision. They meet with Ghislain Otis, a specialist in constitutional law and human rights, and Montreal-area comedian David Iarusso to discuss this captivating legal and social debate.

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06-06-22 | Student Projects, Technology

The Metaverse: The legal world of tomorrow

Are law firms ready to adapt to the era of the metaverse? Two legal experts explain the nature of this virtual universe and what it may mean for the future of the practice of law.

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05-19-21 | Access to Justice, Criminal Law, Student Projects

Sexual assault crimes. A system that protects the accused?

Low reporting and conviction rates for sexual assault crimes are a very important issue in Canada today. In this video, Professor Quaid provides an overview of the key challenges in the Canadian criminal justice system, and discusses the benefits of implementing a specialized court for victims.

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05-19-21 | Access to Justice, COVID-19, Family Law, Student Projects

Silenced by the pandemic: The impact of COVID-19 on domestic violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and has had a significant impact on the justice system and its institutions. Unprecedented measures have confined us to our homes in order to fight an invisible threat. However, this new reality has exacerbated many issues, including domestic violence.

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05-19-21 | Constitutional Law, International, Student Projects

Chile: A Constitutional Laboratory

In response to the mass protests in Chile in October 2019 and the major socio-economic implications of the neo-liberal-inspired constitution instituted during the Pinochet era, Chile and its citizens have set themselves the social project of initiating a process towards a profound constitutional reform. Law students bring to light the involvement of Canadian legal scholars in the constitutional discussions currently taking place in Chile. A new constitution is expected to be adopted in 2022.

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Visual Advocacy / Law and Film (DRC 4731): A Different Look at the Law

Digital technologies have transformed the way we interact with and communicate our ideas. 

To keep up with these transformations, tomorrow’s lawyers will need access to a wide range of sensory tools to persuade, enlighten and captivate their audiences, which, specifically, means shifting the focus from the page to the image. To this end, the course DRC4731 – Visual advocacy and film law is enabling students from the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law to see law through the lens of a camera. 

Designed by the Civil Law Section’s Lawyer/Filmmaker Étienne Trépanier, this course covers the basics of working behind the camera, including lighting, sound and digital editing, as well as the principles of screenwriting and legal notions relating to the production of audiovisual material (copyright, image rights, etc.). 

During the semester-long course, student teams are asked to conduct interviews with legal practitioners and then apply the conceptual and technical lessons covered in class to the production of short documentaries that are eventually featured on the Jurivision online platform. 

This section presents films produced by students of the visual advocacy course since its first offering in winter 2021. 

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