Étienne Trépanier

Étienne Trépanier is a lawyer, filmmaker and multimedia creator. A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa (LL.L. 1996 and LL.B. 1997), he was called to the Quebec Bar in 1998. He joined the federal Department of Justice where he first practiced as a litigator and then worked at Canadian Heritage focusing on communications and entertainment law. In addition to his career as a lawyer, Étienne produces film projects including travel documentaries for distribution in Quebec and Europe. He held the position of Fellow at Osgoode Hall Law School where he worked with professors and students on the documentary project “Collared” as part of the visual legal advocacy initiative of the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media. 

Étienne joined the Faculty of Civil Law in 2020 to launch the Jurivision.ca platform, a visual legal advocacy initiative for knowledge mobilization. He also teaches theVisual Advocacy / Law and Cinema experiential course in which he introduces law students to the production of visual advocacy multimedia projects for awareness, knowledge mobilization or persuasion.