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03-17-23 | Civil Law, Law Practice, Legal Studies, Training

A one-year civil law degree allows JD degree holders to tackle today’s polyjural challenges

The National Program in Civil Law at the University of Ottawa is an opportunity for JD degree holders to gain an edge in Canadian multijuralism. For lawyers trained in common law, earning a civil law degree opens new opportunities, enhancing professional versatility and mobility, and providing opportunities in the public sector, in Canadian law firms and in the legal departments of international companies.

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10-25-22 | Civil Law, International, Labour Law

Cross-border Telework

With cross-border teleworking now more common than ever, teleworkers abroad need be aware of the precariousness of their agreements with their employers. Such arrangements are often poorly protected and teleworkers recourse to justice can be iimited. This video looks at the gaps and contradictions in these arrangements as well as the private international law that applies.

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04-14-21 | Civil Law, Legal personhood

Law and death

Mariève Lacroix, Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa, is interested in the legal status of the human cadaver. She explores how the law classifies mortal remains: is a corpse a person or a simple object? In short, do the dead have rights?

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03-22-21 | Business Law, Civil Law, COVID-19

The modification of contracts during a pandemic

“Contrat toute attente” is a podcast series on Quebec contract law in a coronavirus world, exploring the consequences of the…

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