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05-13-21 | Courts, Dean's Talk

The Supreme Court, as explained by the Chief Justice of Canada

Are you familiar with the Supreme Court of Canada? How many judges sit on the bench? How many applications does the Supreme Court of Canada process each year? How do its decisions impact your life? In a brief exchange with Dean Marie-Eve Sylvestre, the Right Honorable Richard Wagner answers these questions and explains in a simple and accessible way the mandate and role of the Supreme Court of Canada.

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Supreme Court of Canada
05-04-21 | Access to Justice, Courts, Dean's Talk

The judicial system in tune with society

In this conversation with Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Dean of the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, the Chief Justice discusses the place of innovation and creativity in the judicial system.

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04-26-21 | Courts, Law Practice

Believing in your dreams

The Honorable Michelle O’Bonsawin is a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. In this video, Justice O’Bonsawin describes the unique journey that has led to her fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and then taking up her post as a judge.

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Gatineau Courthouse
04-20-21 | Courts, Law Practice

The experience of moving to the bench

In this video, Judge Jean Faullem talks about the journey to his appointment as a judge and how he experienced this important transition from his days as a litigator to his current position as a judge. He also offers a unique look at modern judicial practice and contextualizes the role of a judge in the administration of justice.

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