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09-28-22 | Methodology School, Research methodology

Collaborative, Inclusive and Engaged Research: Working with Diverse Communities

While community-based research can be challenging and emotionally draining, enormous benefits can be gained from working directly with the people who are affected by legal problems and who stand to see their lives improve through research-based solutions. In this video, Dr. Jude Mary Cénat, Professor Eva Ottawa, Professor François Larocque and Professor Delphine Nakache share with us their collaborative, inclusive and engaged research methods from their work with diverse communities.

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08-31-22 | Aboriginal Law, Jurivision

Indigenous legal orders at the heart of a new university program

In an effort to contribute to the revitalization of Indigenous legal orders and provide a more respectful welcome to Indigenous learners on an academic path in law, the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section has launched a new Certificate in Indigenous Law.

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06-20-22 | Aboriginal Law, Methodology School, Research methodology

Indigenous Research Methodologies

Professor Aimée Craft of the Common Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law leads an in-depth discussion of Indigenous research methodologies, exploring what “Indigenous research” really means. She sheds light on specific approaches to research with, for and by Indigenous communities, paying special attention to the ethical questions, community dynamics, relationships and concepts of reciprocity that must be taken into account to create effective research methodologies.

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04-21-22 | Diversity, Human Rights, Public Law, Research methodology

Research project: Racial profiling in traffic stops in Quebec

This research project presented by Malorie Kanaan aims to document the nature of traffic stops and their resulting individual and community consequences for racialized people in Quebec.

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