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11-18-21 | Aboriginal Law, Human Rights, Public Law

The ancestral rights of Indigenous Peoples who have not signed the James Bay Agreement: The thesis of unilateral extinction put to the test of fundamental rights

Nearly 45 years ago, the law enacting the James Bay Agreement extinguished the rights of Indigenous Peoples covering a territory of 1,082,000 square kilometres. Certain non-signatory Indigenous Peoples still claim a right to this territory. Law professor Ghislain Otis puts this instance of unilateral extinction to the test of fundamental rights.

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09-10-21 | Food Law, Public Law

The Right to Farm– Artisanal production and its legislative framework in Quebec

Sarah Berger Richardson is an Assistant Professor in the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law where she focuses her research on food law and policy.

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09-01-21 | Food Law, Public Law

Launch of the JuriDoc “The Right to Farm”

Roundtable discussion on agricultural law and food sovereignty in Quebec with Minister André Lamontagne (MAPAQ), Professor Geneviève Parent (DDSA Chair, Université Laval), and Me Jean-Pierre Levesque (Cain Lamarre). Moderated by Professor Sarah Berger Richardson (University of Ottawa).

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02-17-21 | COVID-19, Public Law, Public Service

The Legal Response to COVID-19

Jurivision, in collaboration with the Public Law Centre of the University of Ottawa, has been running interviews with legal professionals who have been on the frontlines of Canada’s COVID-19 legal response.

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