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03-21-23 | Interdisciplinarity, Public Law, Training

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Rouleau Commission Report

On March 29, nine research centres and institutes at the University of Ottawa will co-host a one-day conference on the Rouleau Commission Report. Bringing together leading experts from the University of Ottawa in the fields of law, politics, public administration, economics, criminology, sociology, communications, technology and health, the Conference aims to contribute to the public conversation about the convoy, the declaration of emergency, and the robustness of Canada’s constitutional democracy.

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01-31-23 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law, Public Service

Jurisdictional Issues for the Future Canada Water Agency

The federal government has announced plans to create a Canada Water Agency, which will work with various stakeholders to find the best ways to ensure that Canada’s water remains clean, safe, and well managed. In this visual post, Professors Marie-France Fortin and Alexandre Lillo outline some of the key legal issues that may affect the actions of the Government of Canada and all of the stakeholders involved in water governance in Canada.

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11-16-22 | Business Law, International, Law Practice, Public Law

An unmatched diversity of perspectives on international trade and foreign investment law

The University of Ottawa has become a central hub for the study of international trade and investment law. The University boasts the largest group of faculty members specializing in the subject within Canada, with researchers employing a broad range of methods in their field-leading work. Leveraging a spirit of openness and exchange, the Faculty of Law plays host to a diverse range of perspectives in this field, allowing experts and students alike to gather, share ideas and learn from one another. This is the heart of one of the world’s top-ranked LLM programs in international law: the University of Ottawa’s Master of Laws Concentration in International Trade and Foreign Investment Law.

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11-08-22 | Children's Rights, Public Law

Understanding children’s participation in youth protection court proceedings in Quebec

Children’s participation in youth court proceedings is the theme of a new visual course. On November 22, join us for the official launch of this multimedia e-learning course at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. Youth protection experts will discuss best practices and challenges arising from children’s participation in youth protection court proceedings.

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