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10-04-22 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law

Carbon Pricing Series: A Climate Justice and Feminist Perspective

Several professors from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa intervened in the References re: Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act before the Supreme Court of Canada. In this video, Professor Nathalie Chalifour speaks about her role as an intervener alongside Professor Anne Levesque as they co-represented Friends of the Earth and the National Association of Women in the Law (NAWL) to bring a climate justice and feminist argument before the Court.

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06-03-22 | Criminal Law, International, Public Law

The ICC’s jurisdiction over international crimes

International criminal justice must contend with certain limitations, including the fact that it must rely on the co-operation of states to carry out its mission.

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04-26-22 | Criminal Law, International, Public Law

The crime of genocide in international criminal law

Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the term “genocide” has been used repeatedly. The question that arises here is whether genocide is indeed being committed by the Russian army against the Ukrainian people. Professor Muriel Paradelle explains the fundamental element that distinguishes genocide from other mass crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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04-21-22 | Diversity, Human Rights, Public Law, Research methodology

Research project: Racial profiling in traffic stops in Quebec

This research project presented by Malorie Kanaan aims to document the nature of traffic stops and their resulting individual and community consequences for racialized people in Quebec.

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