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11-22-23 | Criminal Law, Human Rights, International, Public Law

At the Crossroads: A Crucial Discourse on Human Rights and International Justice

International justice is at a critical juncture. There is a poignant need today for dialogue that transcends time and speaks to the universality of human rights. The Wallenberg Centre, in collaboration with the University of Ottawa presented the 2023 Elie Wiesel Distinguished Lectureship in Human Rights with Mr. Karim Khan, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as guest lecturer. Mr. Khan’s insights shed light on the challenges our world faces and the urgency for action against ongoing atrocities and human rights violations.

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Fondation du Barreau du Québec
10-31-23 | Access to Justice, Civil Law, Law Practice, Legal Studies

Building the future through law

On the occasion of the Quebec Bar Foundation’s 45th anniversary, many voices were brought together to discuss its origins and its ongoing commitment to promoting the advancement of legal knowledge and supporting the next generation of lawyers.

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08-16-23 | Legal pluralism, Public Law, Training

Legal Pluralism and Public Law: uOttawa hosts a major international conference in 2024

The University of Ottawa proudly hosts the 2024 Public Law Conference, gathering jurists from around the world under the theme “Rights, Duties, and Powers in Public Law.” As part of a series of international public law conferences, this significant event brings together participants from the academic, legal practice, and judicial spheres, providing an exceptional forum for common law jurists. From July 3 to 5, 2024, in Ottawa, the conference will highlight legal pluralism inspired by the Canadian experience.

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08-08-23 | Environmental Law

The Hidden Face of Ecological Transition

Despite the desire to move to a more environmentally-friendly world, the urgent question of the consumption of raw materials and rare metals needed for the technological age raises many issues. What if the energy transition is just a smokescreen? Journalist Guillaume Pitron, a specialist in the geopolitics of raw materials, confronts us with the challenges posed by the consumption of raw materials and rare metals necessary for the technological age, particularly in light of his book “The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies”.

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