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05-02-23 | Business Law, International, Training

Facing the international trade challenges of tomorrow: The Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law

The Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law promotes teaching and research in business and international economic law at the University of Ottawa. In this video, current chairholder Wolfgang Alschner explains how the Chair acts as a focal point for the development of trade law expertise in Canada’s capital, while explaining why it is now more important than ever to advance knowledge and expertise on the subject of international trade.

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04-24-23 | Comparative law, Technology, Training

Towards an artificial intelligence law

The omnipresence of artificial intelligence in all aspects of social life is undeniable. A group of researchers from different countries will gather at an international symposium on May 24th and 25th to structure the emerging field of research that is the law of artificial intelligence. Participants will analyze the various legislations under construction, particularly in Europe and Canada, as well as in Brazil, Mexico, and Senegal.

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04-04-23 | Law Practice, Research Experience, Technology, Training

The innovative Legal Technology Lab: Understanding a changing world

The legal sector is changing. In this video, Professor Wolfgang Alschner explains how the uOttawa Legal Technology Lab brings together expertise from law and computer science to conduct cutting-edge research at the interface of law and technology in order to implement meaningful, technology-based solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the world of law.

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04-03-23 | Indigenous Law, Law Practice, Training

The Indigenous Law Certificate: Learn and contribute to your community

The Indigenous Law Certificate Program at the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section offers a unique opportunity for Indigenous students to make a difference in their communities. Designed to meet the unique educational needs of Indigeneous people, this innovative program enables students to develop a thorough understanding of Indigenous legal systems and their interaction with state laws.

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