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09-12-22 | Civil Law, International, Labour Law

Cross-border Telework

With cross-border teleworking now more common than ever, teleworkers abroad need be aware of the precariousness of their agreements with their employers. Such arrangements are often poorly protected and teleworkers recourse to justice can be iimited. This video looks at the gaps and contradictions in these arrangements as well as the private international law that applies.

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07-07-22 | Student Projects

The presence and realities of women in the legal profession

Women are entering the legal profession in increasing numbers, but what about their place in it? Three students explore the changing role of women and the barriers that remain in the legal profession.

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06-30-22 | Access to Justice, Student Projects

What is the Centre de justice de proximité de l’Outaouais?

Although few people realize it, Quebec citizens have access to certain legal services free of charge. Students met with professionals from the CJPO to get an overview of the services available to Outaouais residents.

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06-16-22 | Student Projects

The Mike Ward case: The conflict between freedom of expression and the right to dignity

Students from the Civil Law Section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law explore the clash between freedom of expression and the right to dignity in the context of the high-profile Ward v. Quebec decision. They meet with Ghislain Otis, a specialist in constitutional law and human rights, and Montreal-area comedian David Iarusso to discuss this captivating legal and social debate.

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