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Access to Justice

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Fondation du Barreau du Québec
10-31-23 | Access to Justice, Civil Law, Law Practice, Legal Studies

Building the future through law

On the occasion of the Quebec Bar Foundation’s 45th anniversary, many voices were brought together to discuss its origins and its ongoing commitment to promoting the advancement of legal knowledge and supporting the next generation of lawyers.

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05-25-23 | Access to Justice, Family Law, Mediation, Student Projects

Family Mediation: In the Best Interests of the Child

Going to court in family matters is particularly difficult for all parties involved, especially for issues involving children such as custody, access or support. However, litigation is not the only option in a family dispute. Students in the faculty of law have been interested in family mediation as a way of resolving disputes that allows the parties in conflict to find a solution on their own instead of leaving it in the hands of a court, all in the best interests of the child.

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05-16-23 | Access to Justice, Legal Studies, Student Projects

Accessibility to justice: Education to Understand our Rights

Information plays an essential role in access to justice. However, the educational system in Quebec places little emphasis on teaching legal concepts in schools. This has negative consequences, as many individuals find themselves facing problems of access to justice and overcrowded courts without the basic legal knowledge necessary to assert their rights.

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03-06-23 | Access to Justice, Interdisciplinarity, Legal Studies

Research that champions the rights of marginalized people

After a year and a half of operation, the Clinique interdisciplinaire en droit social de l’Outaouais (CIDSO) is already well established in the Gatineau community. Since the beginning of its activities, the CIDSO has been mobilizing research knowledge to respond to the real needs of people living in or at risk of homelessness. In this post, discover the interdisciplinary approach behind this social justice initiative whose mission is to propose concrete, global and coherent solutions to people living on the margins of society in the exercise of their rights.

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