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05-19-21 | Access to Justice, Criminal Law, Student Projects

Sexual assault crimes. A system that protects the accused?

Low reporting and conviction rates for sexual assault crimes are a very important issue in Canada today. In this video, Professor Quaid provides an overview of the key challenges in the Canadian criminal justice system, and discusses the benefits of implementing a specialized court for victims.

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05-19-21 | Access to Justice, COVID-19, Family Law, Student Projects

Silenced by the pandemic: The impact of COVID-19 on domestic violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and has had a significant impact on the justice system and its institutions. Unprecedented measures have confined us to our homes in order to fight an invisible threat. However, this new reality has exacerbated many issues, including domestic violence.

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Supreme Court of Canada
05-04-21 | Access to Justice, Courts, Dean's Talk

The judicial system in tune with society

In this conversation with Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Dean of the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, the Chief Justice discusses the place of innovation and creativity in the judicial system.

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04-12-21 | Access to Justice, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law

At the heart of law: Research in law for local citizenry

How can we advance access to justice? How does such a goal fit into the efforts of a legal researcher?

For David Robitaille, it is people who are at the heart of constitutional law. In this video from the series ” Viv(r)e la recherche en droit ”, he explains how the right to a healthy environment is lived on a daily basis, outside of the law. In telling the story of a citizen’s struggle to protect her land, he shows us why we need research in law.

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