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06-12-23 | Civil Law, Interdisciplinarity, Legal Studies, Research Experience

Multidisciplinary Observatory on the Future of Private Law

Since its creation in 2022, the MOFPL has rallied over 70 members from a wide variety of backgrounds, active in Quebec and Canada as well as abroad. Since its official launch in 2022, it is proud to have developed a diversified scientific program at the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section, and to have been involved in national and international research networks.

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04-04-23 | Law Practice, Research Experience, Technology, Training

The innovative Legal Technology Lab: Understanding a changing world

The legal sector is changing. In this video, Professor Wolfgang Alschner explains how the uOttawa Legal Technology Lab brings together expertise from law and computer science to conduct cutting-edge research at the interface of law and technology in order to implement meaningful, technology-based solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the world of law.

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02-21-23 | Research Experience, Research Methodology

Error, Intuition, Truth and Innovation: Crucial Stops on the Journey through Theory

Theories are developed by researchers to explain phenomena, draw connections, and make predictions. A theoretical framework can serve as a roadmap for developing the direction that a research inquiry will take. In this video, Professor Alvaro Pires, Canada Research Chair in Legal Traditions and Penal Rationality, explores how theories can guide researchers, while also examining some of the challenges and benefits that emergining researchers may encounter in applying theoretical frameworks to their work.

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03-14-22 | Methodology School, Research Experience, Research Methodology

The role of Critical Race Theory in designing anti-racist and inclusive research

Professor Jamie Liew, Professor Joshua Sealy-Harrington, and Professor Constance Backhouse explore Critical Race Theory approaches and methodologies from multiple perspectives, uncovering the benefits and challenges that can come from developing a community of scholars willing to push back against dominant narratives about race.

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