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08-02-23 | Business Law, International, Legal Studies

International Trade: Examining Old Outcomes, Charting New Horizons

Professor Wolfgang Alschner’s book provides a brilliant study on the impact of investment arbitration on international investment law. Alschner’s insightful analysis highlights the pressing need for reforms that would promote a more equitable and transparent approach to investment arbitration in international trade.

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05-02-23 | Business Law, International, Training

Facing the international trade challenges of tomorrow: The Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law

The Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law promotes teaching and research in business and international economic law at the University of Ottawa. In this video, current chairholder Wolfgang Alschner explains how the Chair acts as a focal point for the development of trade law expertise in Canada’s capital, while explaining why it is now more important than ever to advance knowledge and expertise on the subject of international trade.

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11-16-22 | Business Law, International, Law Practice, Public Law

An unmatched diversity of perspectives on international trade and foreign investment law

The University of Ottawa has become a central hub for the study of international trade and investment law. The University boasts the largest group of faculty members specializing in the subject within Canada, with researchers employing a broad range of methods in their field-leading work. Leveraging a spirit of openness and exchange, the Faculty of Law plays host to a diverse range of perspectives in this field, allowing experts and students alike to gather, share ideas and learn from one another. This is the heart of one of the world’s top-ranked LLM programs in international law: the University of Ottawa’s Master of Laws Concentration in International Trade and Foreign Investment Law.

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03-22-21 | Business Law, Civil Law, COVID-19

The modification of contracts during a pandemic

“Contrat toute attente” is a podcast series on Quebec contract law in a coronavirus world, exploring the consequences of the…

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