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05-19-21 | Constitutional Law, International, Student Projects

Chile: A Constitutional Laboratory

In response to the mass protests in Chile in October 2019 and the major socio-economic implications of the neo-liberal-inspired constitution instituted during the Pinochet era, Chile and its citizens have set themselves the social project of initiating a process towards a profound constitutional reform. Law students bring to light the involvement of Canadian legal scholars in the constitutional discussions currently taking place in Chile. A new constitution is expected to be adopted in 2022.

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04-12-21 | Access to Justice, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law

At the heart of law: Research in law for local citizenry

How can we advance access to justice? How does such a goal fit into the efforts of a legal researcher?

For David Robitaille, it is people who are at the heart of constitutional law. In this video from the series ” Viv(r)e la recherche en droit ”, he explains how the right to a healthy environment is lived on a daily basis, outside of the law. In telling the story of a citizen’s struggle to protect her land, he shows us why we need research in law.

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03-08-21 | Civil Law, Constitutional Law, COVID-19, Interdisciplinarity

Navigating contracts in pandemic times

“Contrat toute attente” is a podcast series on Quebec contract law in a coronavirus world, exploring the consequences of the…

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01-28-21 | Constitutional Law, COVID-19, Public Law

The powers of federal and provincial governments in a pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has given rise to massive interventions by lawmakers and governments in the field of health, but also…

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