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05-13-24 | Access to Justice, Health Law, human rights, Student Projects

Medical Aid in Dying and Mental Disorders: Debates, Delays, and Discourse in Canadian Legislation

As part of a visual pleading project, law students explore the social, legal and political concerns surrounding the inclusion in legislation of mental illness as the sole medical condition for obtaining medical aid in dying. With the help of Professor Emmanuelle Bernheim, they examine the role of access to mental health resources in Canada on this issue.

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05-11-23 | Constitutional Law, Health Law, Student Projects

Abortion – An access undermined by federalism

Since the reversal of the case Roe v. Wade, abortion rights have become an even more pressing issue in today’s society. In Canada, access to abortion is unequal across the country. Why is this? Does the federal government have a role to play in ensuring fair and equitable access to this health service across the country? Law students have sought to understand the legal issues that may affect access to abortion and the real barriers faced by Canadian women.

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11-10-21 | Health Law, Human Rights

Obstetrical and gynecological violence: Towards a better understanding of this fundamental issue in women’s health

Obstetrical and gynecological violence (OGV) is not a new concept, but it has recently attracted a renewed interest in Quebec. While OGV has been soundly denounced, it has been the subject of very little academic study, and its very definition remains difficult. The research of Professor Audrey Ferron Parayre, a specialist in legal issues related to the medical field, is filling the gap on obstetrical and gynecological violence.

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06-11-21 | Health Law, Human Rights, Interdisciplinarity

Informed consent in healthcare

Audrey Ferron Parayre, Assistant Professor in the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section, is interested in how clinical practices in healthcare relate to the legal standards in place to protect doctors and patients. In this video, she discusses her research on how information is shared between caregivers and patients, exploring what is actually happening in practice. What do doctors tell patients? What do patients understand? And who makes the final decisions?

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