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11-27-23 | Agri-food law and policy, Environmental Law, Public Law

Tackling food waste: A recipe for change

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food go to waste each year. The economic losses, and the impact of food waste on the environment are problems that we can no longer afford to ignore. Professor Heather McLeod-Kilmurray has been at the forefront of addressing sustainable food systems since 2016. She exposes the risks and impacts of food loss and waste, explaining the need for coordinated, global food waste reduction strategies.

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08-08-23 | Environmental Law

The Hidden Face of Ecological Transition

Despite the desire to move to a more environmentally-friendly world, the urgent question of the consumption of raw materials and rare metals needed for the technological age raises many issues. What if the energy transition is just a smokescreen? Journalist Guillaume Pitron, a specialist in the geopolitics of raw materials, confronts us with the challenges posed by the consumption of raw materials and rare metals necessary for the technological age, particularly in light of his book “The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies”.

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01-31-23 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law, Public Service

Jurisdictional Issues for the Future Canada Water Agency

The federal government has announced plans to create a Canada Water Agency, which will work with various stakeholders to find the best ways to ensure that Canada’s water remains clean, safe, and well managed. In this visual post, Professors Marie-France Fortin and Alexandre Lillo outline some of the key legal issues that may affect the actions of the Government of Canada and all of the stakeholders involved in water governance in Canada.

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10-26-22 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law

Carbon Pricing: Climate Change as a True National Emergency

Several members of the University of Ottawa law community intervened in the References re: Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act before the Supreme Court of Canada. In this video, we meet Joshua Ginsberg, Director of the University of Ottawa’s EcoJustice Environmental Law Clinic, who represented the David Suzuki Foundation to argue that climate change is a true national emergency.

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