Jennifer Chandler

Jennifer A. Chandler studies the legal and ethical aspects of biomedical science and technology, with a focus on (1) the intersection of the brain sciences, law and ethics, and (2) legal policy related to organ donation and transplantation. She holds the University of Ottawa’s Bertram Loeb Research Chair, and teaches mental health law and neuroethics, tort law, and medico-legal issues. She leads the “Neuroethics Law and Society” Research Pillar for the Brain Mind Research Institute and sits on its Scientific Advisory Council. She co-leads the Mental Health and Brain Research Theme for the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics. She is active in Canadian neuroscience research funding policy, and currently sits as a member of the Advisory Board for the Institute for Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction (a division of the Canadian national health science research funding body). She holds degrees in Law from Harvard University and Queen’s University, and a degree in Biology from the University of Western Ontario. She a Full Professor in the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, with cross-appointment to the Faculty of Medicine.