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06-21-23 | Indigenous Law, Legal Studies

Exploring Indigenous Legal Orders Through Art

Early in 2023, students and passersby at Fauteux Hall, home of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, were witness to the creation of a new piece of Indigenous art in the form of a large, almost floor-to-ceiling mural depicting two spirited beings under water. Created by Indigenous artists Christi Belcourt and Isaac Murdoch from the Onaman Collective, and prominently displayed in the busiest section of Fauteux Hall’s third floor, the mural represents Anishinaabe teachings and legal principles relating to nibi (water), while also serving as a reminder to all visitors to Fauteux Hall of the importance of Indigenous laws and legal traditions.

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06-12-23 | Civil Law, Interdisciplinarity, Legal Studies, Research Experience

Multidisciplinary Observatory on the Future of Private Law

Since its creation in 2022, the MOFPL has rallied over 70 members from a wide variety of backgrounds, active in Quebec and Canada as well as abroad. Since its official launch in 2022, it is proud to have developed a diversified scientific program at the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section, and to have been involved in national and international research networks.

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05-16-23 | Access to Justice, Legal Studies, Student Projects

Accessibility to justice: Education to Understand our Rights

Information plays an essential role in access to justice. However, the educational system in Quebec places little emphasis on teaching legal concepts in schools. This has negative consequences, as many individuals find themselves facing problems of access to justice and overcrowded courts without the basic legal knowledge necessary to assert their rights.

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11-28-22 |

Jurivision supports the #GivingTuesday 2022 campaign

The pandemic seems to be partly behind us, but mental health remains a fundamental issue in school success. It’s hard to keep a balance with tuition deadlines always looming, while also juggling work and possibly even family responsibilities. Not all law students come from families that can afford to support them financially. This is a common myth.

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