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11-28-22 |

Jurivision supports the #GivingTuesday 2022 campaign

The pandemic seems to be partly behind us, but mental health remains a fundamental issue in school success. It’s hard to keep a balance with tuition deadlines always looming, while also juggling work and possibly even family responsibilities. Not all law students come from families that can afford to support them financially. This is a common myth.

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10-28-22 | Methodology School, Research methodology

Leveraging New Methods of Research and Knowledge Mobilization: Creativity and Audiovisual Outputs in Law Research

On the final day of the 4th Autumn School on the Methodology of Research in Law, Professors Suzanne Bouclin and Aimée Craft of the Common Law Section joined with Professor Sarah Berger Richardson of the Civil Law Section to talk about their experiences using creative methods of knowledge mobilization, particularly the use video, to share their research.

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10-25-22 | Civil Law, International, Labour Law

Cross-border Telework

With cross-border teleworking now more common than ever, teleworkers abroad need be aware of the precariousness of their agreements with their employers. Such arrangements are often poorly protected and teleworkers recourse to justice can be iimited. This video looks at the gaps and contradictions in these arrangements as well as the private international law that applies.

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09-13-22 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law

Arguing the Economic Side of Carbon Pricing

Several professors from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa intervened in the References re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act before the Supreme Court of Canada. This video features Professor Stewart Elgie, an expert in law and economics, who represented Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission as an intervener before the Supreme Court to argue that carbon and pollution pricing are among the most effective ways to counter today’s pressing environmental problems.

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