At the heart of law: Research in law for local citizenry

From the series “Viv(r)e la recherche en droit”. English closed captions available.

How can we advance access to justice? How does such a goal fit into the efforts of a legal researcher?

For David Robitaille, it is people who are at the heart of constitutional law. In this video from the series ” Viv(r)e la recherche en droit ”, he explains how the right to a healthy environment is lived on a daily basis, outside of the law. In telling the story of a citizen’s struggle to protect her land, he shows us why we need research in law. He explains how such research can go well beyond the traditional university framework to ultimately have profound impacts on the lives of citizens.

The “Viv(r)e la recherche en droit” series explores legal research as a gateway to justice. The series illustrates how access to justice benefits from knowledge mobilization, and how access to knowledge drives justice mobilization.

We thank the Law Foundation of Ontario whose financial support made this series possible.

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