Understanding children’s participation in youth protection court proceedings in Quebec

Professor Mona Paré presents the Visual Course "Children's participation in youth protection proceedings in Quebec" (available in French only).

An important examination of youth protection in Quebec has taken place in recent years through the work of the Laurent Commission. The Commission’s recommendations led to amendments to the Youth Protection Act in 2022, ensuring that the child is truly at the heart of the decision-making process. But are children at the heart of the judicial process? Are their voices heard? How do we ensure that children can participate in youth protection court proceedings in a way that respects their interests and rights?

Children’s participation in youth proceedings is the topic of a brand new Jurivision.ca Visual Course (available in French only). Through the testimonies of researchers in law and practitioners in the field of youth protection in Quebec, this online, open, multimedia e-learning course highlights the research of Professor Mona Paré of the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section, at the University of Ottawa. 

IRLRC and Civil Law Section Lunchtime Conference: “The Child at the Heart of Youth Protection”

Join the official launch of this knowledge mobilization initiative on November 22, 2022 at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law at 12:00 p.m. in room FTX 232 (or participate online via Zoom). At this event, youth protection stakeholders will discuss good practices and inherent challenges in the participation of children in youth protection proceedings in Quebec. This event is presented by the Human Rights Research and Education Centre and the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. The panel of experts will include: 

  • Sylvain Meunier, Judge of the Youth Division, Court of Quebec
  • Émilie De Bellefeuille, CISSSO Litigation Lawyer (represents the Department of Youth Protection (DYP) in court)
  • Marie-Christine Fournier, Legal Aid Lawyer (represents children in court)
  • Renée-Claude Raby, social worker at CISSSO (DYP)
  • Kassandra Guay-Paquette, teenager with experience in youth protection proceedings 

Diane Bé, PhD student, will moderate the discussion.

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