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Canadian Heritage Legal
05-07-21 | Copyright, Law Practice, Public Service

A practice in the service of Canadian culture

Mr. Tariq Qureshi, Senior Counsel at the Department of Justice, is a lawyer working in the cultural industries sector. He actively contributes to the development and implementation of public policies that support the development of Canadian culture.

Mr. Qureshi shares his reflections on his journey since attending the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.

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04-29-21 | Law Practice, Public Service

Working for Canada’s Legal Team

In this video, Ms. Jacobson describes her journey through various legal service units at DOJ to her current position as legal counsel with Transport Canada Legal Services.

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Parlement du Canada
04-21-21 | Law Practice, Public Service

Keeping the machinery of government running smoothly

In this video, Ms. Sirois explains her journey, from her studies at the University of Ottawa to her current position in the public service, which followed a stint in private practice. Today, she provides legal advice on a myriad of issues such as negotiation processes, contract reviews and bid solicitations from clients who are responsible for all federal procurement requests.

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Alex Hynna
03-03-21 | Bijuralism, Law Practice, Legislative Drafting, Public Service

Finding the right word: How a legal practitioner expresses legislative intent

Understanding as deeply as possible the idea we are trying to convey and then expressing it in the best possible way through words. This fundamental challenge — faced by all jurists — is of great interest to Aleksander Hynna and is at the heart of his work as General Counsel with the Legislative Services Branch at the Department of Justice Canada.

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