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Mathieu Trépanier - Juriste de l'État au Québec
02-13-23 | Law Practice, Public Service

Serving Quebec: Bringing to light the practice of government lawyers

The role and practice of the government lawyer is not well known. However, government activities have continued to expand over the last few decades. Since 2022, the Ministère de la Justice du Québec has been participating in the internship race and offering law students an alternative in a stimulating professional environment. Me Mathieu Trépanier explains the exciting and unsuspected challenges of a career in law with the government of Quebec.

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01-31-23 | Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Public Law, Public Service

Jurisdictional Issues for the Future Canada Water Agency

The federal government has announced plans to create a Canada Water Agency, which will work with various stakeholders to find the best ways to ensure that Canada’s water remains clean, safe, and well managed. In this visual post, Professors Marie-France Fortin and Alexandre Lillo outline some of the key legal issues that may affect the actions of the Government of Canada and all of the stakeholders involved in water governance in Canada.

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06-25-21 | COVID-19, Law Practice, Legislative Drafting, Public Service

Legal responses to COVID-19: The unsung work of legislative drafters

Significant measures were put in place to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadians. Most of these required the intervention of legislative drafters who urgently prepared the texts of the laws and regulations that enabled governments to take action. This JuriDoc exposes the behind-the-scenes work of these lawyers who serve our governments and whose contributions are fundamental to both democracy and the rule of law in Canada.

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Canadian Heritage Legal
05-07-21 | Law Practice, Intellectual Property, Public Service

A practice in the service of Canadian culture

Mr. Tariq Qureshi, Senior Counsel at the Department of Justice, is a lawyer working in the cultural industries sector. He actively contributes to the development and implementation of public policies that support the development of Canadian culture.

Mr. Qureshi shares his reflections on his journey since attending the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.

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