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06-14-24 | human rights, Human Rights, Public Law, Student Projects

ICLMG: Pioneering Legal Change Through Small Organisations

A group of law students sought to understand how small organizations can significantly influence the protection of civil liberties in Canada. As part of a visual advocacy project, they focused on the activities of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG). Through the personal journey of Tim McSorley, one of the two staff members at the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG), law students explore the unconventional paths to involvement in national security.

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04-10-24 | Human Rights, Immigration and Refugee Law, International, Legal Personhood

Ghost Citizens: Researching the Legal Limbo of Stateless Persons

There are millions of stateless people in the world – people who are not recognized as citizens in any country whatsoever. Long considered an issue tied intricately with migration, Professor Jamie Liew’s research on statelessness is breaking new ground, exploring the legal limbo of a subset of stateless people who are legally homeless despite strong ties to a distinct place they call home. In this video she discusses her family’s own experience with statelessness and describes how her research led her to explore this complicated topic through both a monograph and a debut novel.

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11-22-23 | Criminal Law, Human Rights, International, Public Law

At the Crossroads: A Crucial Discourse on Human Rights and International Justice

International justice is at a critical juncture. There is a poignant need today for dialogue that transcends time and speaks to the universality of human rights. The Wallenberg Centre, in collaboration with the University of Ottawa presented the 2023 Elie Wiesel Distinguished Lectureship in Human Rights with Mr. Karim Khan, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, as guest lecturer. Mr. Khan’s insights shed light on the challenges our world faces and the urgency for action against ongoing atrocities and human rights violations.

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06-05-23 | Diversity, Human Rights, Student Projects

Transgender Athletes in Sports: The Time for Change is Now!

Trans-participation in sports is a topic of reaction and debate in society. In the absence of a binding legislative framework, sports organizations set their own regulations on the participation of trans athletes in sporting competitions. There are a number of issues to consider, including the inclusion of trans athletes in sport and equity for high-level female athletes. Law students explored the gaps in current rules within Canadian sports federations.

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