Practicing law in a global environment

Shawn Minnis may get calls day or night, weekday or weekend, and must always be ready to provide legal advice.  Such is the nature of his job as Legal Counsel with the Legal Services Unit at Global Affairs Canada. He is routinely asked to deal with issues connected to national security, commercial law, and trade law, just to name a few.  With Global Affairs being responsible for over a hundred missions abroad, there is plenty of opportunity for Mr. Minnis to exercise his expertise. 

In this video, Mr. Minnis explains his serendipitous entry into a career in law and how his natural interest in international affairs eventually led him to Global Affairs Canada. At the time, the Afghan detainee matter was a primary concern and Global Affairs needed counsel to help with litigation support. In his current position, he primarily provides advice on duty of care scenarios, mostly with respect to the operations of Canada’s missions abroad. In this respect, he plays a crucial role in advancing Canada’s interests and values in a complex global environment. 

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