The plurality of norms in the field of occupational health and safety

Jurivision is publishing two video podcasts in collaboration with Communitas, a peer-reviewed scientific journal affiliated with the Department of Legal Sciences and the Faculty of Political Science and Law of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)These podcasts were produced by SineCoreMedia, in collaboration with UQAM’s Faculty of Political Science and Law, its Department of Legal Sciences (where the journal is housed) and the Distinguished Research Chair in Occupational Health and Safety Law at the Civil Law Section, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. 

The Communitas journal recently published its second issue under the co-editorship of doctoral student Jean-Paul Dautel and Professor Katherine Lippel. Focusing on the plurality of normativities in occupational health and safety, this issue aims to understand how the different sources of regulation and the actors they target allow us to rethink the health and safety of workers. The publication of this issue pays tribute to Professor Katherine Lippel, who passed away last September, and whose research focused on an interdisciplinary analysis of occupational injury prevention and compensation regimes in occupational health and safety law.

Two podcasts have been created to introduce the authors of the issue and to stimulate the curiosity of readers. We invite you to hear from jurists, sociologists, ergonomists and occupational psychologists, whose articles cover topics as diverse as the phenomenon of standardization of occupational health and safety, industrial safety management, health work, employment of disabled workers, prevention of occupational cancers, financing of occupational plans, domestic violence and the use of glyphosate-based herbicides.

Podcast 1: The predominance of expert and universal normativities in occupational health and safety

Podcast 2: normative conflicts in the prevention and/or compensation of occupational injuries

The authors featured in the podcasts are:

Loic Lerouge, CNRS Research Director at the University of Bordeaux 

Michèle DupréLabour Sociologist at the Max Weber Center of Lyon-St-Étienne 

Simon Viviers, Professor in the Department of Foundations and Practices in Education at Laval University 

Agathe Dodin, PhD Student in Social Law at the University of Lyon 2 

Jean-Paul DautelPhStudent in Law at the University of Ottawa and the Université Lyon 2 

Maxine Visotzky-Charlebois, PhD Student in Law at the University of Ottawa 

Rachel CoxProfessor, Department of Legal Sciences, UQAM   

Louise VandelacProfessor, Department of Sociology, UQAM 

The eight articles in this issue are currently available on the Communitas website ( 

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