Mastering words, sharing meaning: Research in law for a better understanding of our laws

Discover how Mistrale Goudreau sees an obscure piece of legislation as a dark and dilapidated house hiding a secret treasure. She also reveals how the character of Humpty Dumpty exemplifies the legislative drafting process, exploring who decides what the words in our laws actually mean. Along with master’s candidate Éliane Boucher, she offers research-based advice on how our laws could be better drafted to improve access to justice.

The Viv(r)e la recherche en droit video series explores legal research as a gateway to justice. Through their unique experiences, law researchers present aspects of legal research that many may have never considered before. They address topics such as access to justice for children, ethical issues surrounding life and death, the right to a healthy environment, understanding the law, and the unfair effects of the criminal justice system. The result is a series that illustrates how access to justice benefits from knowledge mobilization, and how access to knowledge drives justice mobilization. And that, ultimately, is why we are so committed to the world of research.

We thank the Law Foundation of Ontario, whose financial support made this series possible. And thank you to all of our other partners. Long live research collaboration!

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