A podcast on the practice of law in Quebec

Julie Paquin, Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Civil Law Section, has launched the first season of Quartier Maître, a podcast on issues surrounding the legal profession and the practice of law in Quebec. The podcast is co-written and co-hosted with Maude Choko, a lawyer in labour and entertainment law, author and actor.   

Presented in an accessible and relaxed style, the co-hosts explore the results of Professor Paquin’s research on various topics related to the practice of law. Their conversations are interspersed with interviews with legal experts and a variety of members of the legal profession. Over the course of six episodes, Quartier Maître tackles various beliefs about the practice of law, lifts the veil on lesser-known realities and provides often surprising answers to questions that interest the legal community. From the race to earn internships, to passing the bar, to fee structures, the topics are varied. Quartier Maître is hosted on Anchor and available on all of the usual podcast platforms.    

  • EPISODE 1: The École du Barreau – Back to the past
  • EPISODE 2: The École du Barreau – both feet in the present
  • EPISODE 3: Lawyers’ fees in the “good old days
  • EPISODE 4: Billing by the hour, does it cost more… or not?
  • EPISODE 5: Can we escape the race for an articling position?
  • EPISODE 6 : The race for articling positions – may the “best” win!

Information: Julie Paquin, Professor, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section, University of Ottawa, [email protected]

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